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Makoto told Sousuke about this idea he got after Sousuke told him he planned to be a Kinesiologist.They could make a facility together, where Makoto coach and help some kids swim while Sousuke help young athletes maintain their health and fitness. They could also provide therapy for injured athletes.Sousuke thought it’s a good idea and agreed to join Makoto.
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escalators are better than elevators because when escalators break they turn into stairs but when elevators break they turn into vertical coffins

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oh..I’m a little pissed spoon 2di talked about episode 14 of free! which is actually an episode btw and it said that it’s going to have all the 8 main characters united. It also spoke about Rin being away from everyone Makoto and Haruka’s relationship like stuff like that..but it did not mention…

stop trying to cluster fuck everything and focus on something this is the issue we’ve hit all season. am i the only one that thinks it makes sense for your open-ended story bit to get the focus in whatever is coming next because if not, why leave it open-ended. the only one. we literally know what’s up with everyone/thing else. and we’ve already seen what trying to touch on everything entails. i want to have faith but tbh i have none. it makes the victories that much better and the letdowns less impacting. 

Anonymous I dunno if you read high speed! 2 but Sousuke himself kind of explains why 'losing to Haru' is different than 'losing' just 'losing' to other people (Sousuke included). Sousuke himself sees it too, it isn't just about losing, but what losing to Haru makes Rin feel, it is a different feeling than just losing 'losing'

So the whole Haru is simply a special lamb explanation we don’t know what else to tell you other than this vague reasoning cool cool. I see what you’re saying..but it still doesn’t make much sense to me. But there are a couple explanations that I guess I’m just supposed to settle for. I won’t. (I appreciate you trying to clear it up. Don’t think I’m mad at you or anything bc I’m not.)

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sometimes i laugh at rin’s ‘what’s the matter isn’t there anyone here who can beat me?!’ spill because while everyone’s all fatigue i imagine sousuke thinking ‘me. i can. if my shoulder wasn’t screwed to hell. i’d show you a sight you’ve seen many times. my backside as i touch the wall before you’.


Let’s get married!

I needed to draw them good loaf
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